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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Vehicle Inspection Officers (V.I.Os): Driving without Seat Belt

In the Civilized world, those responsible for enforcing traffic laws obey the laws themselves, but in Nigeria , it is not uncommon to see Police officers and Vehicle inspection officers drive without the use of seat belt. do they believe they are above the law? what is our government doing about every little things wrong with the Nigerian society? The Road Safety Corps members do not violate the seat belt rules but must as a matter of fact be able to enforce this rules against everybody no matter who.www.naijapaymentsonline.com
meanwhile,Vehicle inspection officers are giving motorists a nightmare in Abuja F.C.T clamping down on them in the guise of checking vehicle particulars.The clampdown, which started unannounced on Monday, motorists whose vehicle particulars have expired.
Meanwhile, at the various VIO offices in the city, a different problem confront motorists-new papers are not ready yet!!
Why arrest motorists when there are no papers to replace the expired ones, anyway the men and women wearing white on black look the other way, without providing any answer.
A resident, Mr Mathew Ogala shared his experience.
His car particulars expired on August 31 2011, He went to three separate offices of the V.I.O in the city to renew them but he was told that new particulars had not arrived.
“Last week, I did another failed trip to the offices, as I was told the same story” he said.
However, on driving through the city this week, Ogala narrated how he was harassed by overzealous Officers on the excuse that his documents had expired.
Assisted by some equally overzealous police men the V.I.O flood major road intersections in the city all week “checking” motorists
The development has created another challenge for road users causing traffic jams, leading to loss of man hours.
Meanwhile, have you ever wondered why the vehicle inspection officers do not use seat belts , thereby violating traffic laws themselves . its a National shame!!

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  1. Pls. can you furnish me with the relevant laws establishing the VIO.